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Survey data for any project.

One of our favorite aspects of surveying in Rhode Island is the wide range of projects we've contributed to, there's a little of everything here.

TOPOGRAPHIC & existing conditions

This specialized survey, performed with standard survey equipment or UAV (drone), locates and describes, with elevations (topographic), the features (existing conditions) of the property for use in design applications, like septic systems, storm water management, or underground utilities. 


A boundary survey is a Professional Land Surveyor's opinion of the physical location of a parcel’s boundaries compiled using a hierarchy of land evidence available to the surveyor, applicable laws and regulations. From privacy fences to skyscrapers, this is where most project start.


A bathymetric survey measures the depth of a water body, and maps underwater features, such as the location of a channel. We're currently accepting select work within Narragansett Bay. 

Commercial development & construction like bolt pattern and column line layout for steel structures, such as retail warehouses, and  locating features for existing conditions, or as-built plans; 

Infrastructure improvements to steel bridges (public and private,) highways, parking garages, railroads, cell/radio towers, utilities, and energy facilities;

Conservation easements, farmland preservation, dam removal, fish ladders and tidal restoration projects;

Residential development, including additions, private docks moving buildings, subdivisions, and new construction. Additionally, some municipalities may require surveys for fences, decks, sprinkler systems, and sheds;

Wetlands, Storm Water, and CRMC permitting, including docks, moorings, and harbor development, and dredging;

Flood Elevation Certificates, dam and flood control systems;

Some real estate transactions that require ALTA surveys, or legal boundary descriptions, such as restrictions, conveying commercial property, or rights (development, water, or access etc., easements), and adverse possession;

General knowledge, some of our clients just want to know where their boundaries are, identify encroachments, and the actual area of property they own​. ​​​​

Our clients' projects have included

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